Though the world-wide pandemic has brought the global economy almost to stagnancy, the used car market is blooming amidst the crisis. This is because; individual transportation is now the safest option for the daily commuters. Used car is always an economic choice for the buyers and now more consumers are crowding the second hand car market for the obvious reasons.

Pre-owned cars are cheaper; still many potential buyers always look forward to the second-hand low budget cars in Kolkata that will serve their purposes.

Here are top 5 budget-friendly reliable used cars to take a look at.

Volkswagen Polo (Price ₹349,999.00)

Volkswagen Polo is selling like hot cakes in brand new as well as used car market. It is a nice avatar if you are looking for a combo of exceptional fuel efficiency, powerful engine, convenience and comfort without spending a fortune. It is widely known for premium build quality and exciting performance. On both parameters, it’s a class apart from others in the same price segment. The model is equipped with an array of high-tech features to offer a great driving and riding experience to the prospective buyers. In fact, you will feel like riding in a racing.

Maruti Suzuki Swift (Price ₹399,999.00)

Maruti Swift always makes it to the list of the most economical new car and used car segment in India. If monthly sales are compared, the model has given a tough competition to all-time best seller Alto. This car comes with top-notch driving dynamics and sprightly engine. On top of that, it offers a nice combo of high mileage and headache-free maintenance. In a word, it is really excellent for your purchase.

Honda Jazz (Price ₹499,999.00)

This premium hatchback is a huge popular in the pre-owned car market. You will love it for several virtues such as, plenty of legroom, fuss-free driving and low maintenance cost. It features an intriguing design, a significant signature of its manufacturer, and looks posh despite coming at an affordable budget. If you are looking for a budget-friendly family car, it can easily serve your purpose.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire (Price ₹599,999.00)

It is a perfect vehicle for the private owners as well as the car drivers. This is because; the car looks reliable and durable at every inch. It has already enjoyed massive popularity due to high practicality and great overall package. The model is rich in teach features and offers a great mix of convenience and comfort for the drivers and commuters. It needs no heavy maintenance – sounds like a great relief for most car owners.

Honda City (Price ₹599,999.00)

Honda City is a hot favourite in the used car market. The brand is a reputed and reliable name in the car industry. This model comes with some attractive virtues including right engine, amazing power and undoubted reliability. It makes a good choice for those often going for long-distance trips. The car steals the march on others for its economical fuel expense along with a great balance between performance and comfort.

Final Words

We are passing through economic hardships and it’s hard to predict when the global economy will come out of the eclipse of sluggish growth. Interestingly, used car market is doing a great business as if, nothing has happened. In fact, pandemic has worked as a catalyst for its booming business.

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