Buying a used car from a dealer is like purchasing a new car from a dealership showroom of the respective name. A used car dealer’s edition of the new car showroom is essentially an accelerated version. In recent days, with the demand boom, brands have begun to spend aggressively in used car dealerships.

During the pandemic, new dealerships were built in India in First Preference. Not only some major brands but also several small dealerships work on individual capacities on the demand for used cars. And as we  see that the demand for used cars has increased a lot among people, we give you reasons why you can choose us instead of many used car dealers.

We have a variety of cars

Private purchase of a used car opens a door for an automotive environment. But in fact, it means that you can just look at our variety of car before making a decision. Also, we give you the ability to test drives for different manufacturers’ models.

Our Kolkata second hand car showroom also provides a variety of options from sedans, hatchbacks, suvs  including manual versus auto or adding technical features. We are the one-stop solution if you just want the best chance to get your dream car.

Buyer Protection

A number of risks need to be taken into consideration when buying a used car. The efficiency of the car is mainly concerned. Dealers are legally bound to ensure the quality of used cars. You should then be confident it has been tracked. Besides, you will also know that we have a fine reputation to maintain while you choose any used car dealers in Kolkata. You can visit us at our website, call us or visit us at our Kolkata showroom. The Vaishno Motors is a name you can trust when searching pre-owned cars online in Kolkata to know our buyer’s protection too.


Although you have a specific budget and model in mind, we can help you with all the details you need about the car. From choosing the right model, brand to finance our team makes sure to help you at every step.

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