Here is an interesting fact for your digest! For every three brand new cars driven out of the showrooms in India, there are four second-hand models changing hands. So, you see used car market is booming across the country.

Why a Used Car?

A second-hand car purchase definitely makes financial sense but the viable reasons for such a decision are not limited to only the Purpose of Saving. It is hard to believe but very much true that as soon as the new cars spring out of the showroom, they start losing their value. Therefore, you can really save a big amount by buying a second-hand car that is only a few months old. For most buyers with a limited budget, a decision to buy a pre-owned car opens the floodgates to multiple options.

The market of second-hand cars in West Bengal is becoming more organized. Banking organizations are now offering loans and many retailers are providing warranties on the old car sale. All these give the prospective buyers peace of mind that they did not have a decade ago. However, there is no denying the fact that buying a used car comes with some ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ in mind. At times, the buyers need to have extra courage before spending money on someone else’s car.

It’s really important to be careful in order to avoid ending up with a lemon. The first thing they bother about is whom they purchase a used car from. Here we have discussed different sources, their pros, and cons so that you can make an informed choice.

Choose the seller wisely

There are three sources to buy a used car from – the second-hand car dealer, a used car broker, and an individual.  The direct seller-to-buyer avenue seems the simplest and shortest path. With no middleman involved, you will certainly have more leeway to strike a deal at a competitive price.

Small-scale second-hand car brokers are another viable option. While these dealers may have a good stock of what you are looking for and will happily close a deal very fast, make sure to check all the details before signing any document. Brokers and dealers are infamously known for their highhandedness once the paperwork is done and they have your signature on the papers. They also quote the price much higher and so you should bargain with them for a lower, negotiated deal.

Approaching a second-hand car dealer is the costliest choice. But the premium price also assures you of the good condition of the vehicle. The vehicles are thoroughly inspected and maintained before they are put on sale. Most retailers also offer benefits such as warranties and service packages. Fair and square deals and transparency in paperwork make it a fuss-free transaction. These dealers also entertain comebacks and behave like suave professionals. Though prices are usually fixed, there is room for negotiation.

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