If you are thinking of buying a second hand car, you are thinking along the right lines. For used cars are now the right stuff to buy, especially if you are in a tight corner with your financial status and savings! The brand new car, after the Recession, took a major hit – but the pay cuts and layoffs were pretty hard on the common people too. Add to this increased traffic, high insurance costs and similar issues – and you have the perfect platform for people to start buying a used cars!

• They cost you only a trifle amount in savings. This is fantastic – especially as most used cars are already considered liable only for liability coverage and not comprehensive coverage. So once you have your health insurance in place, cost of covering your car goes down by a mile!

• Second hand cars are often the cheapest in the lot of automobiles in any city at any given time. This makes for people to buy them with ease – and also use them as driving prototypes before they hit the roads with a brand new Bentley or Ford!

• Most used cars are also used in corporate fleets – as they cost less, are affordable to insure and are less liable as investment than any other brand new car when compared based on the value-for-money model!

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