If you are buying a used car for yourself, make sure you are not going overboard with the decision. While it is usually true that used cars are way cheaper than branded new vehicles, but the former can often end up costing you more or almost equal to what the new cars would have cost you – in insurance and maintenance mainly!

So while you are buying second hand cars, make sure you stick with the regular models – especially the ones which have been proven to work like a horse and drain maintenance budgets like a stingy Uncle Scrooge. This means that while you can go for more charismatic vehicles and buy a second hand Porsche or BMW if you actually have the budget for the same, but doing so will only mean added costs on insurance as well as higher maintenance costs to keep the SUV machines well-oiled and running. On the other hand, tried and tested car models like the sedan and others are more than just a trusted vehicle to ride out from the dealer shop. With low maintenance and lower insurance costs, you will likely get the best ROI from this vehicle, especially if you are low on budgets and yet want to make the most of the second hand car. But whatever model you pick, treat it well. A horse doesn’t turn up at the #1 spot it is fed peanuts, right!

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