It’s nice to see more people adopting the mantra of sensible spending with every passing day. The pre-owned cars are selling more than ever and it is a mirror to sensible purchases. A certified pre-owned car is a great choice for anyone who wishes to own a brand new luxury four-wheeler. In this blog, we will inspect the differences between a used car and a certified used car in laymen’s language.

The new brand cars are setting new price records all the time. The latest models, with their sophisticated look and smart interiors, are teasing the buyers’ temptation. With used cars available in good condition and at affordable prices, it is now a lot easier to own a luxury car even if you don’t have a very deep pocket. What you need is to educate yourself in order to invest in the right purchase.

Buy from an Authorized Dealer

Second-hand luxury vehicles might save a significant sum. What you need to do is to buy the car from a certified used car showroom in Kolkata. The certified car dealers are well aware of ethics and professionalism in car dealing and are committed to delivering the best-in-class services at the buyers’ doorsteps.

The certified dealers allow test driving and proper inspection of the car before it leaves the showroom forever. The certified second-hand vehicles are packed with additional benefits, warranties, and even buy-back guarantees.

What Does CPO Mean?

CPO or Certified Pre-Owned Car refers to a vehicle with mileage over 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Though an old vehicle, a CPO car is revamped to offer you a great driving experience no less than what you could have enjoyed in a brand new car. Pre-owned vehicles have extended warranties valid from the date of inspection.

How Do CPO Cars Differ from Ordinary Second-Hand Cars?

The best part of buying a CPO car is you can go for test driving and get it inspected thoroughly. It also undergoes proper maintenance and required repairs for a refurbished look. A used car is purchased at a particular price and includes no repair services. In addition, CPO vehicles come with warranties, insurance, buy-back guarantee, attractive installment options, and many more. These days, CPO cars also offer roadside assistance – a great feature that is pretty common in brand new cars.

Final Words

Factory-certified programs are meant to give you peace of mind while buying from a wider range of the best-used cars in Kolkata. The reputed automobile dealers in Kolkata offer attractive discounts to appeal to potential buyers. A non-certified pre-owned car does not include a warranty and other attractive offers. However, make sure that the car undergoes proper inspection and processing before you strike a deal.

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