For some people buying a car is not only an investment but also a matter of the heart. In most of the cases, people are so smitten by a particular model that they will end up buying it without bothering about practical considerations such as price, mileage or resale value.

There are other types of customers a well, who want their cars to be perfect on all fronts without being too expensive. Given below are some pointers to keep in mind when you wish to buy used cars online in Kolkata so that you can get the maximum value for money!


It’s often assumed that affordable cars cannot be good looking. However, you can find a myriad of options available in the market today, finding a good looking car that fits within your budget is not so difficult anymore. If there is none that catches your fancy, then maybe you should re-consider your budget too.

Resale value

You won’t keep your car forever. There will come a day when you will bid adieu to your prized possession. While a well-kept car will obviously fetch you a better sum than a poorly maintained one, what also helps is opting for a brand/model that is popular and highly in demand.

Features and Utility Space

Features/equipment help make your journey comfortable and convenient and should be a pivotal consideration in case you are driving on a daily basis. Features such as an OEM-fitted audio system, power windows, Bluetooth connectivity are some that should be considered during purchase.

Cost of ownership

 Ideally, you would want this cost to be as low as possible and for that you will need to calculate costs involved in a car’s service, maintenance as well as spare parts.


For many car buyers, this parameter often ends up being a deal maker or breaker. While diesel cars offer higher efficiency than the petrol-powered ones, do take into account your daily running before making a decision. If your daily commute is  low then there is no point shelling out the extra money that diesel vehicles command.

Check out one of the best used car showroom in Kolkata, and browse through the virtual shelves to find such car models that are priced at affordable range. What’s more you can even exchange your old car for a new vehicle! Happy Shopping.

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