You might have noticed that since the pandemic there has been a rapid change in the auto industry.  The car prices of the new models are only going up. Nevertheless people, especially the new entrants in the market are seeking used models that are not only easy on the pocket but will turn out to be a peace of mind.

First time buyers who are upgrading from two wheelers or public transportation can find premium collection of used car at a popular dealership in Kolkata. Given below are some of the common questions answered that will help the customers determine their next purchase.

Does buying a used car help me save money?

Do you know that the moment you take a new car out from a showroom, it loses 8-10% of its purchase price? However, if you go the used purchase way then you have to pay a lot less than the original value of the car which means you can save a lot of money. In fact, if you have a specific budget in mind and want to jump a segment and look for a better model than your previous car, then it won’t burn a hole through your pocket as well. Definitely a better value than purchasing a new car with skyrocketed prices.

Is the post-purchase experience hassle-free?

Once you purchase a used car get ready to experience its own set of perks. The primary benefit of it is you can finally drive tension-free, without the tension of a dent or a scratch that a new car is prone to. Since these car are fully inspected you can take it out for longer drives as well.

Will I get certified used cars with warranty?

The auto industry has come a long way and the way pre-owned cars are sold and purchased has evolved too. Gone are the days when only verbal assurance as enough. The modern industry accredited dealers offers you unique facilities like you can easily check the certification of the car model that you wish to purchase both online and offline. The engineers also conduct a thorough inspection of the car so that your experience can be hassle free. Customers can also avail post purchase warranty to ensure they are purchasing a certified used car.

Can I avail a cheaper insurance on the pre-owned car?

Since you are purchasing a used car, the cost of the insurance will be a lot more affordable compared to a new car. A new car turns out quite expensive because of the factors like additional taxes and other clauses.

Do you want to purchase used luxury cars in Kolkata? You are exactly at the right place. All you need to do is check out the website of a popular used car dealer based in Kolkata. Customers can also visit their showroom and check out a wide range of certified car models available for sale. Happy shopping!

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