So, you have decided to buy a new car. A new car can be any of two – A Virgin Model or A Used Car for Sale. Buying a used car is a cost-excellent idea but one needs to be more careful while making a second-hand car purchase. Buying a pre-owed car that justifies your hard-earned money needs some real skill. Go through the rest to find out more but before that, let us define what a used car is.

How to Define a Used Car?

The theoretical concept of used cars contradicts our usual thinking. Theoretically, as soon as a car sprints out of the showroom, it becomes a second hand or used car. However, in reality, most people consider a vehicle to be a ‘Used Model’ only if it has covered a fair share of miles on its meter and got a few scratches.

Buying a used car – even if you are purchasing it from a reputed second hand car showroom in Kolkata – requires you to be more considerate and careful.

The first thing you should enquire about is the driving habit of the previous owner. This is because, rough driving could produce disastrous effects on the car’s health and cut short its life expectancy.

Whereas a brand new car purchase involves a pool of money, a second-hand model is fairly a cost-saving idea. However, with a used car buy, there is an increased risk of buying a lemon. Therefore, you need to be better prepared during a second hand car purchase, especially if you are buying it for the first time.

Used Cars for Sale – Keep Your Eyes Open

There is an old saying – “A good car is never too old”. Vehicles between 5-10 years old have still plenty of life in them. However, the driving habit and style, mileage covered and the types of terrain traversed also matter here.

The older the vehicles, the cheaper they are! However, the decision of buying a used car too old will soon slap you hard with frequent and mounting repair bills. With a not-so-old model, you stand a good chance of saving money both up front and in future.

When it comes to buying an old car, there is a great deal of information to collect from the dealer and the previous owner. A car is just like a human body, composed of many parts. It is important to make sure that all the parts are in mint condition. Any part on verge of breakdown will only inflate the real cost of car purchase in immediate future.

Even if you have a well-known ‘used car agency near me’, make sure to get the engine, the braking system, the wheels checked by an expert. Also important it is to take the car on a test drive in order to avoid purchasing a bad second hand vehicle.

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