Cars are a big investment, almost next to buying a house for many. But many of us daydream of owning a car. How to make a balance between dream and budget? Many local used car showroom in Kolkata shows us the way how to fulfil our dream without splashing a large pool of money. Before you own a pre-owned car, know some important points that will help you in future.

Tyres are among the most important components of any car. So, you should know a lot about them. It will help you make an informed choice when spending on a car, getting your tyres replaced or fitting a spare set of tyres. Do you know that the reputed tyre manufacturing companies always test their tyres in different conditions and watch how they work?

We don’t want to keep you in the dark any longer and will now jump to the next section of the blog, which discusses the major differences between summer and winter tyres. These differences are simply due to two factors – Rubber Compound and Tread Pattern.

Rubber Compound: Summer tyres find it difficult to operate if the temperature goes down below 7 degree centigrade. The compound hardens at a low temperature and offers not enough grip. On other hand, winter tyres are designed with keeping in mind the particular climatic condition. The natural rubber in winter tyres prevents them from becoming hard. Due to this flexibility, winter tyres can provide better grip than summer tyres.

Tread Pattern: Compared to summer tyres, winter tyres show much deeper tread patterns. The deeper tread in winter tyres is thoughtfully designed for snow trapping. The tread features a unique groove design that can effectively disperse sloppy water.

Snow Tyres – What Are They?

Yes, we know Kolkata has a warm climate all over the year. But what if you are going for a long drive to a snowy region, such as Darjeeling and Sikkim? You will definitely want to contact the no 1 used car seller in Kolkata, who has a large stock of second-hand vehicles suitable for use in snowy areas. Actually tyres make all the differences and you need to ask if they fit tyres that can run over snow and slushy water.

Remember that winter tyres and snow tyres are not same. The major difference between them is small spike protrusion from the snow tyres’ tread. The design helps to optimize the grip on thick ice and snow. Make sure to change your car tyres after you get back to Kolkata. This is because, spikes on snow tyres cause damages to the tarmac in warm conditions.

How to Fit Winter Tyres?

If you have a plan to drive your way to the snowy regions once or twice a year, buy winter tyres to fit your car. But use it only when the temperature sinks below 7 degree centigrade. In Kolkata, temperature does not drop so low and therefore, use the tyre only when you reach an area where you really feel the chill.

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