Often new car dealers will offer you a higher trade in but there is a catch, Yes a catch to make up the difference of the high trade in value they gave you they will jack up the price of your new car or packages they try to add on, they recoup the price they offered in options, features and extended warranties.

Instead of trading in your car to the new car dealership you have an alternative. Sell your car to Cash For Cars. We pay more money then a dealership. And we take away the hassle and frustration involved with trading in your car.

We buy and exchange all Brands and Make’s of private car .

We make selling your used car safe, easy and fast. Why hassle trying to trade in your car or even worse trying to sell your car privately to the public? We take the hassle out of trading/selling your car. We’ll come to you or any location near you and pay you the desired price for your used car.

Weather you sell your vehicle to us or not all we ask  you to request a quote before you sell your car ( Call us +91 9007378666 or Email us : vaishnomotors2010@gmail.com or info@vaishnomotors.com ) . Many of our customers tell us that we offered them several thousands more for their car then our competetors do.

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