Are you planning to buy second hand car in Kolkata but confused from where to buy?

Usually showrooms selling second hand cars exhibits a rosy picture of all best features of the car, heavy discounts and lowest cost assurances, without even highlighting the major drawbacks in order to strike the deal. It is when the customers start using the car, that they discover all the hidden faults and are left in despair of been cheated. Opting for a second- hand car with a mindset to fit their budget instead ends up in paying extra money on the repairing.

Hence, it is very important to choose a reputed and trusted 2nd hand car showroom in Kolkata, having good customer experiences and reviews.

The Vaishno Motors Co. is one of the best second-hand car dealers in Kolkata with 20 years of experience of dealing in buying, selling and exchange of second hand cars. They have a strong customer base in whole of West Bengal.

Here are 5 things you should see before buying a used car.

1. Inspection of car and its papers

Get the car thoroughly checked by an authentic mechanic so that you become aware of all the problems persisting in the car and are in a better bargaining position with the dealer. Also, make sure to get the car papers checked by a lawyer as well to avoid problems in future.

2. Transfer of Registration Certificate

Get the Registration Certificate transferred under your name by filling and submitting the Form 29 & 30 issued by the RTO of your jurisdiction. Signatures of both the owner and the buyer is required here.

3. Transfer of Insurance

You may either transfer the Insurance policy of the owner under your name, or can apply for a fresh insurance policy ( in case the previous owner does not have a prior insurance of the car ).

4. No Claim Bonus ( NCB )

It is advised to buy a new No Claim Bonus under your name as the NCB is given to the insured person and not to the insured car.

5. Fix the Car prior to Drive

Finally, clean up the car, fill the tanks up and get ready for your Drive.

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