Considering the current economic situation of the country and the fact that consumers tend to change their car every few years, buying a used car can be a very smart decision. However, it can be a rather intimidating experience for both, buyers as well as sellers.

But don’t worry because we have curated a check list for you to make the correct decisions based on them. Your first vehicular purchase can be a pretty big deal. Therefore, make sure to purchase it from the best second hand car dealer in Kolkata with 20+ years of experience in the industry. So, wait no more and read on to make your big purchase.

Checking the engine

The engine is the heart of the car, and it has to put up with a huge amount of wear and tear. The number of components inside and the tight tolerances they operate under means maintenance is essential. Therefore, do ensure to get it checked by an expert mechanic as well.


One of the easiest things to spot is leaks. There are many different fluids that run in, around and under the engine, and a well-maintained car shouldn’t spring a leak. When you view a used car, check underneath for signs of an oil leak.


You should not forget to check the oil as it is general car maintenance and be inspected thoroughly. Ensure the dipstick reading is at the correct level and the oil is not discolored or the wrong consistency.

Head gasket

The head gasket is a thin part that sits between the lower and upper parts of the engine and prevents coolant or engine oil from entering the engine’s cylinders. A blown head gasket is one which has begun to leak. This can cause a variety of problems from a smoky exhaust, loss of power or a rough sounding engine through to total engine failure, so it’s important to check.

Exhaust smoke colors

This is an essential step. Ask the mechanic to switch on the engine and walk to the back of the car. A little puff of smoke when starting an engine is usually nothing serious, but watch the exhaust for a few minutes as it’s a surefire sign of a problem if it remains.

Once you have conducted the inspection with the help of the trusted dealer, make sure to get the vehicle history check carried out. Do ensure to check out the website of one of the best 2nd hand car showroom in Kolkata where you can find the best affordable used car models, perfect for your personal needs.

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