The dashboard warning symbols should be of interest to any driver. We should treat them like messages which usually indicate that a fault or a malfunction has occurred inside the vehicle’s system or just indicate that some specific system or module is activated. More than sure, for every driver it’s recommended to knows what is the meaning of each warning light.

It could be something important and if the problem is solved in the right time, can be saved unnecessary expense or even the own life. If somehow you aren’t sure how to identify the meaning of some specific symbol, please look at the following list of dashboard warning lights, so you may find the answer. In the list below are shown the titles of 64 widely used warning lights by most vehicle manufacturers:

01. Front fog lights turned on | 02. Power steering system problems

03. Rear fog lights switched on | 04. Low level of windshield fluid

05. Worn brake pads | 06. Cruise control is activated

07. Signaling direction | 08. Trouble on light sensor or rain sensor 0

9. Winter mode | 10. Info indicator 11. The diesel auxiliary heater | 12. Ice warning

13. Starting system problems | 14. The key is not in the car

15. Key low battery | 16. Warning distance to another car

17. Indicator to push the clutch | 18. Indicator to push the brake pedal

19. Locked steering-wheel | 20. Long beam turned on

21. Low tire pressure 22. Short beam on |  23. Problems with headlight / taillights / signals bulbs 

 24. Problems with brake lights | 25. Problems with the particulate filter (DPF)

26. Error – disconnection of the plug from the trailer 2

7. Air suspension problems | 28. Warning for exceeding the lane without signaling (anti sleep system, lane assist)

29. Problems with catalyst | 30. Warning for seat belt (belt is not on)

31. Warning parking light 32. Alternator or battery problems |

33. Parking sensors turned on 34. Warning light that states you must go on service

35. Adaptive headlights turned on | 36. Headlight inclination

37. Problems with variable rear spoiler | 38. Problems in triggering electric roof

39. Front airbag is switched off | 40. Handbrake is pulled on

41. Water in fuel filter | 42. Airbag switched off

43. Mechanical problem or electrical error | 44. Short beam turned on

45. Dirty air filter requires replacement | 46. ECO mode turned on

47. Downhill assist on | 48. Cooling system problems

49. Problem with ABS | 50. Problems with fuel filter

51. Open door | 52. Open hood | 53. Fuel tank on reserve, need to fill the tank

54. Automatic gearbox problems | 55. Speed limiter is on 56. Suspension problems | 57. Low oil pressure

58. Front window defroster | 59. Open trunk | 60. ESP is off

61. Rain sensor | 62. Engine problems or hazards

63. Rear window defroster | 64. The automatic windscreen wiper

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