Yes, we know you are elated with the fantastic price tag you fetched for your used car that was up for sale. We also know you are ecstatic and cannot wait to hit the streets as soon as you get your hands on the same! But wait. Have you checked on the essentials before you signed the purchase deal? Well, if you haven’t, rewind and do the same. By essentials, we essentially mean insurance and security of the vehicle. Modifications on the car and a bad history will mean that any insurance broker will hike the price of premiums on the car – and you will be in a fix. A lot of people buy used cars because of tight budgets, and overpaying on insurance can be something that not many of you would want to splurge on. The locks and security systems are an integral part of this procedure too. While automated locks and a foolproof system will help you keep the car safe from burglars or arsonists, it will also help keep the insurance costs down. This means that old cars will be even more affordable – with better security systems installed. Once you are done checking, ask the dealer to get them installed or let a mechanic have a look at the vehicle and provide estimated costs for the same. It will save you a lot of money in the long run!

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