The used car market in Kolkata has more to offer for the potential buyers but there are some questions enough to confuse the first-time visitors. Of all the questions that leave them puzzled is a choice between age and kilometres of a pre-owned car.

This write-up discusses all the important mechanical aspects of a vehicle that you should take into account while buying a second hand car.


Bodyline should not top your list of considerations while buying a used car but it reveals a lot about the vehicle you intend to purchase. Whether you are buying a pre-owned car online or from a reputed used car dealer in Kolkata, you can easily tell if the car is maintained properly by looking at it its bodyline.

If a panel or a bumper is repainted, it won’t escape your curious and careful glance and will help you negotiate a better deal in your favour. Rust is the most important thing worth your consideration. If you spot rust on the bodyline, don’t waste your money on the car.


The engine is the throbbing heart of any car. There is no use of buying a car that has a weak engine. How to know whether or not the engine is in good condition? Start the engine and carefully listen to its sound.

Inspect the belts and other components of the engine. Can you hear any abnormal vibration or noise? It will tell a lot about the condition of the car engine. You should leave the engine idle for a few minutes to check if smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Steering System

Make sure to check the steering system of the car you want to buy. The owner with a less driven old car is unlikely to get all the fluids changed after a regular interval. It is truer in case of budget cars. Even if the car underwent regular servicing, it is most likely that the owner missed out on steering fluids.

The steering of the newer car with the same kilometre reading can be a damaged one if the owner failed to use it properly.


Let’s suppose you are visiting the best place to buy used cars in Kolkata and you have two options to choose from – a 2 year old car and a 10-year old vehicle. Both of them have the same kilometre reading. The owner of the newer car has surely used its suspension regularly and this has certainly kept the hydraulic in place. We are not claiming that all older cars have a bad suspension. However, if the owner has not abused the suspension, the newer car will definitely have a better one.

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