So, you have a plan to buy a new car, at least new to you. Whether it is used or brand new, you will be travelling in it for the first time. You have already made a list of the brands and even makes and models that you like and can afford. But have you ever given it a thought who you should buy it from?

Even if you have decided to buy a pre-owned car, it’s going to be a major purchase in your life. It’s a thorny topic and worth discussion at length. We’ll discuss the evaluation criteria that will help you a lot when buying a second hand car.

Car Dealership Reputation

“Second hand car salesman” is a shady definition for those involved in the pre-owned car sales. The profession has earned a bad name and it probably deserved the tag in the past.

There is no dearth of unscrupulous car dealers who will never tell you the truth about the car’s health. They keep the prices way high or sell unnecessary or less important add-ons to the buyers who have no hang of what will be good for them.

Fortunately, car buyers are more informed now and many used car dealers in Kolkata learned it the hard way that fooling the customers could not keep their coffers tinkling for a long time.

Once you are done with shortlisting your favourite brands, you should now evaluate individual dealerships. You can ask your acquaintances if they can recommend any reputed used car dealers. However, the best way to spot them is to visit the manufacturer’s website and click the “Find a Dealer” tab or link.

Customer reviews will tell you a lot. How many years the dealer has been in the business is another criterion to judge reputation because a dishonest dealer cannot survive long as people don’t revisit them in fear of being ripped off.

When reputation and longevity come under your radar, you will eventually strike some names off your list and finally distil the best place to buy used cars in Kolkata.

After-Sale Service

Many car buyers keep revisiting the car dealers after a purchase. They usually do so for servicing or other purposes. To sum it up, it’s not an once-in-a-lifetime transaction; rather with a purchase, you enter into a relationship.

Well, we’re not suggesting a life-long courtship but want to tell you that it’s another factor to consider. You should check if they have convenient hours for repeated visits, if they offer particular incentives or perks. In a word, make sure if the car dealer is known for good after-sale service.

Ask the salesperson to take you to the service department. Know if you can bring your car for servicing. Also take a quick tour of the service waiting area to see in person the kinds of accommodation provided when your car is serviced.

We will cover other important aspects of used car purchase in our next blogs.

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