Continued from Part I

In the previous blog, we discussed car dealership reputation and after-sale service are among the must-consider factors while choosing a used car dealer in Kolkata. In this part, we will discuss two important factors that you must not ignore if you have already made up your mind about buying a second-hand car.

The reputation of Manufacturer Brands

You should start with educating yourself about how individual brands compare. You can go through surveys for that purpose. The annual survey ranks the leading brands based on the performance of their dealerships. The survey is not about individual dealerships. So, keep in mind that a reputed brand could have a poor local dealership and vice versa.

The survey involves used car buyers who are asked some crucial questions such as, dealership personnel if the deal was worked out with ease, the vehicle delivery process, transparency in the paperwork completion process, and the overall facility rendered to the customers.

Assessment of Dealership Reputation

After identifying your favorite brands by dropping the names, which you dislike, from your list, you should compare the individual dealerships. Also, check the manufacturer’s website in case you need some help finding out a dealer close to where you live.

After shortlisting dealerships, you should try to get a feel of honesty and professionalism in their dealing. There are two ways to get an honest assessment of the dealer in question:

Customer Reviews: There are several online sites to look for customer reviews. Google is surely the most known and best place to do so.

Longevity: A dodgy dealership cannot survive the competition. Words leak that they are worth trust and they exit the market. On other hand, if they have been working for decades, it is most likely that they thrive mostly on repeat businesses. A dealer cannot trick car buyers for a long time as the customers never like visiting the same dealer who ripped them off.

Other Important Criteria to Consider:

In addition to the already listed factors, there are some others that you should consider when choosing a dealer even if you are buying used cars online in Kolkata. These are as follows:

Opening Hours: Does the particular dealer have an early drop-off time? Make sure if they keep their showroom open one or more nights a week.

Waiting Room: Do they have a waiting room? If they have a waiting room for the visitors, is it regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure hygiene and comfort? Do they offer WiFi and coffee to the visitors?

Pushy Dealer: Some dealers are pushy and pesky. They continuously push additional services. If you need those, it’s fine but if not, you will be unnecessarily paying ‘EXTRA’. Yes, they have a business to run but such a practice is not in the line of professional ethics.

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