Second-hand car purchase is now a rising trend in India. The Indian market is warming up to the new possibilities of pre-owned car buy and sale. Though it is a great pocket-saving idea to buy a used car, especially for those with a small budget, extra care needs to be taken when spending on a pre-owned vehicle. According to car experts and reputed dealers, touts are trying to sell flood-damaged cars and it is alarming for the aspiring second-hand car buyers.

Buying a Flood-Damaged Car Will Cost You Heavily

Floods take a heavy toll on car health. In recent times, thousands of car have suffered moderate to heavy damages due to floods and heavy rainfall. During floods, some areas remain water-logged for several days and according to reports, many cars remain immersed in water – fully or partially – for days during the phase. Repairs for flood-inflicted damages are extensive, irreversible and expensive. There are several cases where the cost of repairing a flood-ravaged car surpasses its actual value in the second-hand car market in Kolkata. This is why, many car owners are trying to sell their cars in the used car market.

Experts are warning the prospective used car buyers that they should exercise extra caution and check the dates when the cars are brought to the pre-owned car dealerships for sale. Additional vigilance is also required when buying automobile spare parts for used cars. Floods do great damages to cars. Some car parts even develop rust. In fact, if a car is partially or fully submerged in water for several days, some parts need replacement before it gets back to the road. Unfortunately, these replaced parts often find a place in the used spares shops and due to this, buyers should be extra careful. Experts suggest that the aspiring buyers should take an experienced mechanic with them when buying a 2nd hand car in Kolkata.

Experts and well-known car dealers say almost 80% of the flood-damaged cars are brought to the used car market for a sale. Most undergo repairs as it is covered by car insurance.

How to Know a Car is Damaged by Flood?

You should look for the following signs to make sure if a car has suffered damages due to flood.

  • Rust on exposed screws under hood latches, door latches, dashboard and seat rail channel
  • Bad smell from seat cover and carpet
  • Slit/mud deposit on wiring
  • Slit/mud deposit and rusting on centre gear lever panel, console panel, door beadings and fuse box cover
  • Hard and brittle wiring
  • Water link around engine
  • Upholstery and interior not matching the age of the car


If you are planning to purchase a pre-owned car in Kolkata, only a test drive is not enough to make sure that your hard-saved money is spent on the right choice. In India, thousands of cars suffer damage due to unprecedented and heavy rainfall and floods every year. It is highly likely that without thorough investigation, unsuspecting buyers may end up buying one of these damaged vehicles and paying up a heavy price for it.




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