Are you a little bemused and shying away from buying a used car, even though you like one and can afford one but not a brand new car? Are you delaying the ownership of a four-wheel drive even when you have the budget to afford a second hand car in great shape – all because of the social taboo it may invite? Well, stop worrying – because even the most celebrated hotshots are buying used cars today!

Take Sachin Tendulkar for example! The God of cricket is all set to buy a second hand BMW – not only because he thinks spending so luxuriously on a car is ill-advised – but also because he knows second hand cars, when carefully chosen from the best of dealers, are not at all worse than the brand new ones!

If celebs as well as sports stars can start buying used cars without worrying about what people will think of them, so can you. As for the mileage, the upholstery, the engines and the basic safety status of the car you buy – any reputed second hand car dealer can get you all of them – amalgamated into one – without breaking your wallet dry!

There are certain preconditions to buying a used car, of course. But if you do your research well and keep a lot of time in focusing on the problem areas of old cars and sort them out and keep a priority list open to suggestions from expert mechanics et al – you will have a great ride even with a used car on the road!

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