You want to buy a second hand car? Fine! Go ahead. But stop – are you getting it to save money and nothing else? Well, you need to rethink your plan a bit. You should know that the most common reason for people buying old cars for sale in Kolkata is usually to save up on their budgets – but there can be a hundred other advantages associated with used cars online than just affordability!

Even second hand cars can offer the best of performances and mileage, given you are thorough with the research and verification of the car’s history. With the help of a mechanic – check for clocking, cloning, engine downgrades and similar issues.

Compare quotes from various dealers and also look for recommendations from people who have bought old cars on for sale in Kolkata. Now do a value check and sort the list in descending order against the number of recommendations and in ascending order of price quotes – and voila! You have at least 3 dealers you can look for your first car with!

Do a background check for the shortlisted models you wish to buy. You might find that the car model or make you wish to buy is actually a complaint magnet – with most buyers unhappy or stuck with the purchase. Avoid these models and reorganize your shortlisted car makes if necessary.

Agreed your second hand car might not be the BatMobile, but that does not necessitate that you compromise on your car quality completely at the cost of a lower price range!

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