India has one of the fastest growing as well as one of the largest new car markets in the world. Easy availability of finance and rising income levels are encouraging Indians to upgrade their Two-wheelers to cars and those who already own a car, to buy new cars every few years. The latter trend has made India one of the world’s largest used car markets.
The booming new car market has acted as a catalyst for the used car market of the country too. Experts are of view that market for used car will grow by almost 16% every year till 2017.

But this high growth was not common earlier. People were generally not interested in purchasing used cars and even when they did, they preferred to purchase from friends and relatives. But with growing awareness and entry of organized players, buying of used cars has actually become a very good option for many people. In general, there are 3 types of customers who consider used cars:
First-time buyers – By choosing used cards, they get to learn the nuances of driving without shelling out a lot of money. They also get to own high-end cars at fair prices.
Buying second Car in the family – Many Indian families need more than one car due to their large size. Hence going for a used car offers an economically viable option. Those looking to Upgrade on lower budget – For such customers, buying a used car allows them the opportunity to upgrade from a two-wheeler to a four-wheeler without stretching their budgets.
For all these buyer types, the real attraction has been the economical prices of used cars. And with affordable used car loans available too, this trend is bound to continue in future too. The paradigm shift from significant number of people shifting from buying new cars to used cars can be attributed to the increasing organization of the pre-owned car players too.With the advent of Durga Puja, to rev up sales and to give wings to your much awaited dreams of driving your desired car, car dealers are exhibiting a wide range of breathtaking cars in fascinating offers along with the free service to spice up your festive mood. Hence, with the vouch for reliability and a satisfactory performance, car dealers have opened a gateway for the consumers a varied new and used cars at affordable rates with the best service facility. So no more hopping on pandals on foot; have an exquisite feel of a leisure commute with your dear ones in this durga puja. Keeping the customers’ needs in mind, get your best pick at one-stop point from your dealers,and avail the offers and services to gear up your vehicles for a hassle-free driving.

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