There are hundreds of used car dealers and online second hand car sellers in Kolkata as well as elsewhere around the globe that you can buy from. However, unlike choosing a new car, to get the optimum performance from a vehicle, you need to keep track of the pros and cons and many other factors before buying an old car!

 While a new vehicle will always give you the best performance on the roads, failing which you can speak to the dealer or seller for a refund or free repair, no such deal exists in the case of used cars. If you fail at spotting a good car and investing in it, you will be cleaning out soot and changing tires and engines all lifelong!

Second hand cars are worthy of a check every few months or so. Not because they are bad vehicles, but because if you do not keep a check on the status of the car and its performance, you will be undermining the investment you made and the savings you notched up when you traded the decision to buy a brand new car for an old or used one!  

Make sure the dealer is genuine as well, and also if the payment methods are according to what your budget is shaped for.

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