One of the greatest things about the internet is all the information that is now so readily available. Once you are more serious about a specific car type, do some research and see how well others liked the experience this car gave them. Website like offer timely pricing for the models you like as your dream car.

Then you can start your search. Upon finding your car in the market, you can verify the vehicle?s history with the help of Car Registration number . There are many iphone applications available now that allow you to do this while you are out looking at cars. A fast check could save you valuable time, and lots of money.

Assuming the registration no checks out ok, and the price is fair, there are six basic cosmetic items we recommend you to review when going to buy a second hand car:

1. Check the Tires

Before finalizing any deal check whether the tires are in perfect or acceptable condition. Another point to consider is that, the tires are a great reflection as to how the vehicle was used. Let’s say the seller will include new tires in the deal, if tires are worn really bad, this could also signify neglect in other areas of the car.

2. Check for scratches

When inspecting the car, a simple way to do this, is to draw a sketch of car and mark the scratches on your sketch. When the sellers see their scratches on your sketch, it could help you to finalise the price. .

3. Dents

Next, mark off any dents you find on your sketch. Hopefully there are none! Depending upon the age of the car, and where they exist, it may not be a big deal! Buying a used car often has some disadvantages..

4. Windows & Windshield

All windows should be clear of scratches, chips & cracks. If there are cracks in the windows or windshield, it can be costly to fix..

5. Paint

Sun damage or other problems with paint is common in older vehicles. This is not necessarily a reflection of a bad used car, but the cost to repaint a vehicle can be very high.

Lastly, once the vehicle has passed the basic cosmetic checkup, it would be wise to have an experienced car mechanic inspect the vehicle to make sure it is in good mechanical condition.

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