If you are buying a used car and are all piped up about it, you should hold on to your horses for some time and work on the research part a bit more. Done? Now head to the best dealer in town. But stop! Read the pointers mentioned below and then purchase your car! 

Call and tell them you want a cold start for the engine. This way, you will find how good a shape the engine is in, rather than sitting in an already revving car ready to blast out of the block.

Check for clocking. The odometers are often turned back to showcase a lesser mileage than is actually the case. Make sure the mechanic (in-house or the one you brought along) knows his stuff and verifies that the mileage shown is correct.

Ask if modifications were done and whether the insurance policy is still inclusive or you would have to pay out of pocket. Often dealers cut commissions with insurance providers who offer expensive quotes on used cars. Do not drop into that trap voluntarily.

Try and take the car on a test drive through different traffic spaces, including freeways, clogged traffic as well as on different road conditions. Also try and keep the radiator/AC as well as the stereo on. Will give you a clear idea about the fuel efficiency too.

Do not take the dealer’s word or the car’s beautiful exterior for a great bargain. Investigate and make sure that the car’s a good buy and not just a box of metal waiting to be taken home and dumped in the garage!

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