If you have not bought a second hand car before, you should be warned that there are many a pit and a fall lying in wake of your footsteps, waiting to drag you down with a broken brake pedal or a wrongly angled steering! This is a list of quick to behold precautions that you need to be mindful of before go on to purchase a new second hand car from the neighborhood dealer or online! 

Stay wary of the credentials of the dealer. IF your friends or acquaintances who have bought used cars from the same have positive feedback to give, you still would need some research and background checks to do before you buy from them. This is to avoid incidents like clocking or mileage trimming.

Check what discounts are offered on the dealer’s cards and brochures – and check if they are compromising other details to fit the proposed vehicle into the price range quoted to you. Unless you have basic insurance as well as the optimal state of upholstery, engine and NO technical casualties with the vehicle, should you go ahead and purchase the same.

Don’t fall for the price fad or the adage that offline is better than online. Most old car deals often fall out of favor because of being underpriced deliberately, for an even worse vehicle – that does not deserve a more discounted price tag!

Remember, cheap is not great, but neither is expensive – especially when buying a second hand car in Kolkata! 

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