For every two new cars sold in India, there are three used ones that are being acquired by the customers. Due to the rise in inflation and smart investment choices of the modern customers, the used car market is thriving, and how.

Honestly, the new cars losing value literally the moment customers drive it out of the showroom. Therefore, you can save big money by purchasing 2nd hand car in Kolkata. Although there are certain fears that potential customers are bombarded with and we have answered them in the blog below.

From whom should you purchase second hand car in Kolkata?

There are essentially two main legal ways to purchase a used car in India. You either contact a pre-owned dealer or an individual. The customer-to-customer model certainly seems to be the easiest choice if the seller is known to you. However, if you are looking for authentic service, then the used car dealers are the other option to search for. Such dealers have a wide range of affordable car models that you can choose from.

What homework should be done before buying a pre-owned car?

Always prep yourself by researching for the car that you wish to purchase. It should cater to your needs and offer a hassle-free ownership experience. Check out the reviews online of the car and you can also contact owners to enquire about the running costs, any type of problems associated with it and the price of spares and maintenance.

What about the budget?

Since it is a pre-owned car, chances are that you will find a cost-effective model. However, do not fall for such dealers who offer you vehicles at dirt-cheap prices. You should be vigilant and remain grounded during the purchase. If you are planning to take a loan then check with your preferred bank for suitable options.

What is the condition of the used car?

This is a tricky question. Since you are buying a used machinery don’t expect it to look like a brand new model no matter how well-maintained it is. The outer façade may look appealing, but you need to lookout for what’s underneath Check out the service history and make a detailed study to check for major repairs done, recurring problems, etc. Do a visual inspection of the exteriors to check for any obvious signs of an accident or other type of damage.

What paperwork is necessary before buying the 2nd hand car?

Before purchasing the car, make sure that the car’s paperwork is in order. Look for the important documents which includes the registration certificate, vehicle insurance papers, original purchase invoice, road tax receipt, etc. If the stated documents are not in order, you could run into trouble with the registration authority.

Buying a used car is not really complex or time consuming. Contact one of the used car dealers in Kolkata and check out the website to find a plethora of pre-owned models that suits your needs and budget

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