Buying a brand new car n be a great feeling. But financially purchasing a second hand car indeed makes a lot of sense. Apart from the savings, you also get to benefit in many other ways, especially when you choose a used car. One of the industry experienced used car dealer in Kolkata has an assured collection of such models that you can have a look through. Meanwhile, read on to know about the benefits of finding a used car for your investment.

Affordable prices

Old cars are always much cheaper than new cars. There might be a problem of faults from the proper use and this can be easily negated by checking whether the car is certified or not. If you have always dreamt of owning a luxury car but can’t afford then you can easily enjoy the pleasure of driving a luxury car by buying a second hand model.

Low depreciation rates

A newly acquired car depreciates at a higher rate than an old car and that is where you are set to gain. Cars lose some value with each passing month and mile. But the highest loss in value occurs in the first year and it is close to 40%. When buying an old car, you do not have to face any such huge depreciation.

Low insurance rates

Just similar to financing, insurance rates are also affected by the age of a car. But in case of used cars, insurance rates tend to be less expensive. Those who do a little bit of pre-purchase research get saved from the insurance sticker shock, irrespective of which vehicle they choose.


When you purchase a used car from a reputed dealer, you also get a warranty on the vehicle. However, this warranty comes with a certain limit and it covers certain kms that you travel in a stipulated time.

Sales tax

Most of the time, the advertisements for cars usually gloss over the tax issue. Many state laws levy taxes on purchase of new cars but no tax is levied on used cars. This way the buyers of old cars can save on a lot of money.

So, the next time you think of buying a used car, do give a though about spending your hard earned money on a quality checked model. Therefore, contact one of the best second hand car dealers in Kolkata and visit the website to know more!

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