Weather can be unpredictable and turn quickly, The best strategy for driving in bad weather is to avoid it. But if going out is necessary or you get caught in bad conditions once you’re already on the road, follow these safe driving tips:

1. Turn on windshield wipers to improve visibility.

keeping your windshield clean improves your visibility in wet weather condition it is only possible if your wipers are ready to do the job. Replace your wipers almost every year to prevent them from cracking, breaking, or not sealing properly when you need them most.

2. Slow down your vehicles . 

During wet weather or unfavourable driving conditions, it is very much important to adjust your speed according to the demand of condition.Wet roads always reduces traction, if your speed is less it reduces the chance of skidding out and give chance to react with any emergency condition on road.

3.Stay focused on driving

Stay focused on driving while you are behind the wheels try to Keep your eyes on the road all timeswhile driving in bad weather always pay attention to cars and pedestrians around you.Stop listening music and ignore your cell phone if it is not urgent.

4.Turn your Head lights on.

 When it starts to rain or raining hard , turn on your headlights, regardless of day or night. In some country it’s actually illegal to drive without headlight on when it’s raining. Rain or bad weather typically means cloudy skies, and turning your lights on will help you to see the road better and your surrounding cars get whereabout of your car more accurately .

5. Always keep Safe Distance

In bad weather it’s more important to drive your car with safe distace . 
Keep at least 10 meters distance with others cars around you.
Leaving space give you a chance to escape quickly if necessary. 

6. Avoid shuttle / slamming brakes. 

Slamming on the brakes on wet road  can cause you to slide forward, and it;s possible you won’t be able to control the car. Hitting the brakes too hard can also forces water into your brakes, making them less effective.

7.Alway’s turns slowly. 

Turning too quickly on a wet road in bad weather  can cause your tires to skeed out , and this means you won’t be able to control the car. If you are planing to turn or heading toward’s turn give proper signal to the cars coming from behind.
To avoid skeed out slow down speed of your car.

8. Pull over your vehicle if necessary. 

It’s more wise decision if you are facing difficulty in driving with any reason pull over your vehicle to the side of the road 
To pull over safely, turn on your signal, check your mirror and blind spots, pull over as far as possible to the side of the road, and turn on your four-way lights

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