For most families, buying a car is a complicated process filled with numerous tough decisions. Not only have you got to consider the financial burden of such a large purchase but also deal with the constraints of finding your dream car within your budget.

Add to this the pressure of additional paperwork, fees, registration and extra costs for added features, and the joy of buying a car quickly starts to transform into a stressful situation.

Buying a shiny new car will always have its appeal, but there is a smarter alternative. Purchasing a used car is a rapidly emerging trend in India. Where used cars were once thought of as worthless, now they present a safe option.

Second hand cars come with several advantages over new cars. Enough benefits that they should be viable choices in your search for a new car.

No Extra Costs 

Every car owner knows the slight twinge in their pocket when they realise the difference in cost between a car model and its on-road price. Registrations, forms and taxes can bloat the price of a car, but with a used vehicle you avoid all of these extra charges. Additional car customisations are also usually included like stereo systems, windscreens, alloy guards, etc. which you would have been paying for otherwise.


Buying a used car can save you up to 50% of the money you would have been spending on a new car. Since pre-owned cars cost around half as much as new cars, you are able to afford better models and vehicles for the same amount of money. Your investment in your car also doesn’t depreciate as fast as new cars. This is because the majority of a car’s value depreciates in just the first two years.

Lower Premiums 

Car premium rates are based on a car’s current market value. Since used cars have a lower market value, therefore the premium rates for used cars are also lower. This is due to their lower market value as compared to brand new cars. Therefore, you get better rates for your yearly car insurance premiums.

Better for the Environment 

Buying a pre-owned car gives you double savings. Firstly, you save money for your wallet, and secondly, you save the environment. As most of the carbon emissions come from the manufacturing and shipping of a car, by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle it is much more environmentally friendly.

All in all, buying a pre-owned car comes with plenty of advantages over buying a new vehicle and every prospective car owner should at least consider the thought before making a purchase.

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